Small Signature Chipmunk

Who can resist one of Webkinz World's cutest pets - the Chipmunk! This furry friend is an adorable critter with a set of cheeks that could hold enough nuts to last for a week! This little pet always appreciates a gift of Acorn Escargot and loves it's totally cool Nutty Conveyer Belt.

27 Responses to Small Signature Chipmunk

  1. 594nat says:

    I got mine for 3$! His name is Theodore and he looks so funny online!

  2. birdy123 says:

    I got this For $6

  3. puppypower04 says:

    actually now that I got this pet for my birthday party today, I realized in the virtual the eyes are much better then the picture they got up there

  4. puppypower04 says:

    his eyes are VERY creepy in the virtual

  5. 40sparkles40 says:

    his eyes are creepy

  6. migrubbs says:

    I got the chipmunk last year in the Estore. And I named him Chip. After the cartoon of Chip and Dale.

  7. Melody_Dixon says:

    I just got it today as a bday present!

  8. Leatham says:

    Would u guys reccomend getting the chipmunk?

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      TOTALLY!!!!!! He was my first Signature (along with the Sig. Marble Cat). His fur is so detailed that he looks like a real chipmunk!

  9. cupcakefun123 says:

    I have this webkinz and its sooooooo cute IM GOING NUTTY FOR NUTS TODAY!

  10. 02012003 says:

    It’s eyes…. a little creepy..

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