Snow Soft Kitty

Get cozy with the adorable Snow Soft Kitty! A lover of all things winter, this soft-as-snow pet loves to curl up on their Snowdrift Sofa to enjoy watching the snow fall. In fact, it makes them so happy that they'll definitely ask for you for a Cloud Nine Custard or two, too!

40 Responses to Snow Soft Kitty

  1. hannahzpetz says:

    It sucks that almost no stores sell webkinz anymore. I was really into it a few years ago and just now got into it again.

  2. gbjockey says:

    If I had it I would name it Cloudtail, after on of the cats in Warriors series.

  3. play789 says:

    SO CUTE I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!

  4. WannabeTanuki says:

    My town doesn’t have stores where you can buy webkinz and the webkinz online store doesn’t have many pets is there anything way to buy webkinz?

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