Sock Elephant

Cool off with the cuddly Sock Elephant! A fun and outgoing pet who loves to make new friends, they adore sharing a glass of Sweet Savannah Tea anytime -- but especially on hot summer days! And when they need a rest after all the fun activities you'll do together, they'll love sneaking a nap or two on their comfy Knitted Hammock!

43 Responses to Sock Elephant

  1. ILoveMySignatures2009 says:

    This Is So Cute!!!

  2. 7199 says:

    not my fave, but i still would adopt it!

  3. glunalou says:

    Is it just me or is this little elephant SOOOOOO adorable!? :)

  4. junoflops says:


  5. LaBriaBrit says:

    This is my favorite of the “Sock” themed pets, so cute!

  6. PoodgeYT says:

    Name suggestions! Peanut. Socko. Stockings. Huggs. Stouty. LegWarmer. Socks. Socker.

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