Striped Cheeky Cat

Who’s the coolest cat around? The Striped Cheeky Cat! This fashionable feline loves having friends over to hang out, so why not catch up while relaxing on their favorite super-trendy Funky Striped Sofa? And because they love sweets, hand over a delicious Ribboned Pop and they’ll be happy for hours!

8 Responses to Striped Cheeky Cat

  1. shuggylay says:

    I have two of this pet! One I got for Halloween one year, and one I got for my birthday this year. I named one Tom Striper, after the famous book character Tom Sawyer, and one Clementine partially because my mom recommended it and because I used to love the Clementine book series.

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I found this pet at Tuesday Morning today!!! I’ve never seen a Cheeky Cat in person before, and this one is ADORABLE!!!! I’m not sure what its name will be, but I’m not in any rush just yet. :)

  3. Fracktail says:

    The picture looks like it’s not stuffed all the way, but sometimes that’s fun for when you want a floppy pet! :P

  4. Fireworm says:

    I found this at Hulls. Not planning to get it though.

  5. coconutwebkinz1 says:

    You are right EarthLover22 it does go with the stripes theme!

  6. EarthLover22 says:

    This pet goes perfectly with the new stripes theme!

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