Sweet Corn Tiger

The Sweet Corn Tiger is a great friend to enjoy Halloween with! Hop aboard their very own fabulous Pumpkin Train, because this celebrating cat will be found exploring all over Kinzville this fall! If you catch a ride with them, be sure to grab a taste of their favorite treat, a Purrfect Parfait!

25 Responses to Sweet Corn Tiger

  1. Delilahriley10 says:

    I really really want that pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aberdeen2121 says:

    hi could i get estore points if i get the membership delux third month at any price?

  3. dibblerton says:

    Will this pet ever come back to the Estore? My wife would really love to get one.

  4. puppy2cute14 says:


  5. Ztron8 says:

    I have the Sweet Corn Tiger, I named him Kernel Cornball, when Halloween time comes I like to dress him in the vampire wig and the vampire outfit. *ZTRON8*

  6. personalhygene says:

    i agree with you huskies89 i am sooooooo sad that tigers are becoming extinct NEVER USE PALM OIL AND IT WILL SAVE THE TIGER AS WELL AS OTHER SPECIES

  7. huskies89 says:

    hes so cute!

  8. migrubbs says:

    I got this pet on the 26th of October and named her Sweet Tooth from my Little Pony.

  9. TigerKinzKG says:

    NAME IDEAS: trick,treat,trick or treat,candy corn

  10. migrubbs says:

    Is this pet going to come back this month, Gennelle? I mean I know it was a pre sale. I do want to get it.

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