Tartan Terrier

Can you hear that? It's the triumphant sound of bagpipes announcing the arrival of a proud Scot pet

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  1. SavannahSong says:

    gosh! he’s cute!

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    So cool!

  3. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name ideas for this Tartan Terrier: Tartan, Plaid, Bag Pipes, Scotty, Canada, (which is Scottish name), Tomato, Red Delicious, Fluffy, Beanie, Scot, or Jig. Hope that helps some of you who are looking for names for this pet! Make sure to check out the other comment’s sections under all the pet’s you like that are in the Kinzapedia, look for a comment by prprprprp for more awesome pet name suggestions! :)

  4. cinnamonlover21 says:

    To get this pet you have to become a deluxe member for 1 year. The deal lasts until June 30.

  5. cinnamonlover21 says:

    This is a really cute pet. B

  6. gmoss2 says:

    I have him! He’s so cute!

  7. mbraye says:

    I want to know if buying a membership is the only way that I get the tartan terrier, or if I can get only a virtual pet or can I get a stuffed animal

  8. pickle088 says:

    I want that! sooo cute!

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