Tigerlily Pup

Introducing the Tigerlily Pup, a pet who just loves the beauty of the outdoors! Join them as they enjoy their favorite thing in the world: floating in their beloved Wildflower Pond! And then, why not stay for a cup of fragrant Tigerlily Tea, a rare brew all their own? You’ll love spending time with this beautifully-patterned sweetheart!

64 Responses to Tigerlily Pup

  1. CountryKinz17 says:

    Got it! :D

  2. brownypup6 says:

    i eventually gave up on making webkinz ideas

  3. brownypup6 says:

    I stopped trying to enter after awhile, because I knew I would never be as good of an artist as them

  4. brownypup6 says:

    I entered so many submissions, but have them were not even looked at! then it dawned on me. I would never be great designer like them:(

  5. sophiegrace567 says:

    this pet is beautiful! congrats snowball00!

  6. BellyBell2004 says:

    I love this pet! Such a unique design. I’d name her Tigerlily or WIldflower. I’m BellyBell on webkinz and I’m really looking for a deluze membership crown :)

  7. fierywarmth says:

    It’s so cute!!!! I love this pet already!!!

  8. lovepuppy06 says:

    Ok….OMG..Soon i will buy him and name him Flamey :D If u want to buy it,go and buy estore points only with 3.99$ !

  9. lilly53775 says:

    i’m so going to buy it. i love it so mutch

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