Undercover Cat

Have you seen the Undercover Cat? Lucky you, because they're VERY hard to find! This sleek sleuth relies on their tricky Master of Disguise Closet to keep all their spywear in one safe place. And when they're out on assignment, make sure they have lots of Disguise Pops with them -- they're the perfect secret snack!

29 Responses to Undercover Cat

  1. gbjockey says:

    I have one named pink

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    Hmm…I agree that pink isn’t exactly a stealthy color. However, it could pink because it’s the last color an enemy would expect when the cat goes undercover. It’s still a bit of a stretch. But, if it’s related to the Cheshire Cat at all, color shouldn’t be a problem!

  3. lilly187cat says:

    so cute!!!!!

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