White Cosmic Bear

The White Cosmic Bear is out of this world! This celestial pet feels at home throughout the universe, but especially on their pristine Cosmic Couch! And their favorite space-inspired snack? It's gotta be Far Out Fudge, a tasty treat for this planet-hopping bear!

28 Responses to White Cosmic Bear

  1. kittycity says:

    The Fudge does not look like Fudge. It looks like flan.

  2. beautysrage says:

    how can i get this cosmic bear, i didnt see him in the estore!

  3. prprprprp says:

    Hi everyone! Here are some cool name ideas for this pet: (I love giving name suggestions!) Snowball, Cosmic, Snowy, Claw, Brad, Nancy, Starlight, Sparkle, Cutie, Furry, or Ball. Hope this helps! If I think up any other names, I’ll be sure to post them here! :)

  4. samantha143298 says:

    I like this pet its cute

  5. estherfluffy says:

    Its not out yet.

  6. GreenMidnight says:

    I want to get this to go with my other cosmic bear, but I can’t find where to purchase it. I’ve checked both estores (in game and the actual website), but no luck. Am I just missing it?

    • spotharris says:

      GreenMidnight, the White Cosmic Bear has NOT been released yet. It hasn’t been revealed when the pet will be available, and its still unknown if the pet will be a regular estore pet, a deluxe only pet, or a promokinz pet. Ganz will be sure to inform use when it becomes available!

  7. EarthLover22 says:

    Super cool! It can go with the other cosmic pets!

  8. passwordn2 says:

    he scare me

  9. kbk100 says:

    I like the color of this cosmic bear best. Please don’t make it another promotional pet.

  10. estherfluffy says:

    Sorry Ganz, but really? This pet is the cosmic bear, but in white, with the same PSI!!! If you want a GREAT idea for a new cosmic bear, you should use this idea from webkinz insider; The Sensational Sunshine Bear!! The psi could still use some work though. link: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/ideas-ganz-169/first-there-mystic-moon-bear-then-729680/

    • CrazyCatCrib says:

      i do get what you mean, but i think this guy’s cute and i really don’t like the colors used in the sensational sunshine bear at the link you provided. something like that would be a great addition to the cosmic bears we already have, though. i also think the various nebulas have such beautiful hues, they could be great inspirations for other bears and we could always have an aurora polar bear, too, with a white background and that amazing green color and stars and some of the other fantastical colors the aurora gives us.

      • CrazyCatCrib says:

        i do think he would be cuter if some of those pretty aqua and turquoise colors from the items were included in the virtual pet. just saying. :D

    • loonypop says:

      its a beautiful cutie bear! it may not look like a cosmic bear (to you) but at least people will buy the bear’s cute face \(0u0)z

    • animalcare says:

      But colors come from white!

    • HeavenFire25 says:

      wow long link lol

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