Winged Tiger

This Tiger really knows how to gain altitude with some attitude! Catch a flight with this cool character wearing their KinzAir Pilot Uniform-- and they really don't mind making a meal out of some Airline Cuisine!

15 Responses to Winged Tiger

  1. shuggylay says:

    IT’S HAPPY!!! (If anyone gets this reference, you are awesome!)

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I used to think this pet was weird, but it’s actually kind-of cute. I love the pilot’s outfit–very appropriate. I’m actually thinking of getting this pet someday. If I do, I’d name him Dreamliner after the Boeing 787 because the colors are similar.

  3. Fracktail says:

    I would totally name it Icarus. I mean, how could you not name that Icarus. I mean, it has wings. Nothing else has wings but Icarus, except for birds and bats and airplanes and pegasi and griffons and hippogriffs and everything else with wings. :P

  4. andywiggle says:

    pinkie i dont think they can make a plush

  5. PinkiePuppylover says:

    cute! they should make a plush

  6. fierywarmth says:

    I have one named Wingo.

  7. CorynPlatypus says:

    I want one but I can’t do estore yet, very adorable

  8. lovepuppy06 says:


  9. okira says:

    There’s a contest to win one which closed months ago. I entered. We still don’t know who won.

  10. Owlpaintingshoe997 says:

    Super cute

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