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Fixed Items

  Here are all of the items fixed so far:   (remember you may still need to clear your cache to see these items updated)     FIXED Wednesday, February 15th:   Alyssa Music Box Arcade Pool Table Bake Shop Wallpaper Berry Good Flat Bed Truck Bubblegumasaurus Wallpaper Carousel Horse Wallpaper Carousel Peacock Bench Clock Gears Wallpaper Cloud Guardian Plush Toy Creepy Cellar Cruise Ship Wallpaper Crystal Sea Wallpaper Decorate Your Festive Fireplace Designer Catwalk Drum Roll Snare Fairy Den Gazebo Fall Season Window Fashion Show Station Fine Dining Table Floating Trophy Pedestal Garage Band Wallpaper Gingerbread Bench Gingerbread Carousel Glass Aquarium Flooring Goober’s Atomic Flooring Goober’s Atomic Wallpaper Haunted Funhouse Wallpaper High End Kitchen Island High End Microwave Icing on the Cake Gazebo Jumbo Jungle Shower Kinz Lounge Pool Kinzville Spelling Bee Stage Landing Mat Trampoline Lemonade Stand Lily Pad Trampoline Lime Green Dresser Log Lodge Pool Lots of Chocolate Booth Love Bird Lake Magical Feast Dining Table Manic Magic Show Wallpaper Melting Chocolate Piano Neo Gothic Piano Nursery Reading Nook Opal Wardrobe Paddlin’ Pool Palatial Platform Peaceful Meadow Window Peaceful Park Bridge Petal Print Privacy Shower Platinum Selling Shower Polka Dot Piano Pop Diva Main Stage Wallpaper Posh … Read more


Incomplete Items

  Incomplete Items   These items are not fully working as they were. They may be missing functionality, may not be fully animated, or may not place properly in the room. With each batch of fixes, we will update this page so you can see when the items that you own are working 100%.   ***Update: April 6, 2017***   All items are now visible. Any of the previously-missing items that still require additional fixes have been moved to this list   Number of Webkinz items TOTAL:  19,526 Number of broken items TOTAL:      229 Percentage of items broken:        0.012%     2013 Jack O’Lantern 2014 Jack O’Lantern Adventure Park Poster Alps Gondola Ride Amazing Treasure Chest Artist’s Bookshelf Artist’s Desk Atomic Armchair Autograph Signing Station Autumn Tree Slide Backyard Buckeye Tree Backyard Dig Site Bake Kitchen Oven Ballet Study Desk Balloon Blower Barrel Of Berries Fridge Beauty Class Vanity Beehive Hat Berry Farm Scarecrow Big City Barrier Birthday Fling Swing Black and Gold Guitar Chair Black and Gold Snare Side Table Black and White Cat Paperweight Blooming Dandelion Blue Avenue Vanity Blue Hanging Ornament Chair Blue Moon Lagoon Blustery Day Vanity Breaking Newz Jigsaw Puzzle … Read more


Help Us Welcome Cinder!


We’re so excited about Raziel’s baby, Cinder, that we’re giving away Golden Dragon Statues to celebrate! Read more


Some Big News from the Adventure Park!


The Adventure Park is always an exciting place to visit! Read more


Weekend Round-Up


Find out what you can do this in Webkinz World and on Webkinz Newz this weekend! Read more


Golden Deluxe Dragon Peek-A-Newz


Find the Golden Deluxe Dragon between April 7 and April 11! Read more


April is Deluxe Month!


We’re celebrating Deluxe this April! Find out what we’ve got planned… Read more

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