August 2011′s Featured Webkinz Pets

The Peace Unicorn, Splash Dragon and Lynx are August 2011′s featured Webkinz pets!

[ooyala id="BhZG9xMjpmJbKEMYFtlJUYVV_Gg6Q72l"]

These pets are in stores now — check your favorite Webkinz retailer for availability.

14 Responses to August 2011′s Featured Webkinz Pets

  1. caroline77377 says:

    hi, what does the back to school scavenger hunt mean by, go to where you can post comments. Really need to know. thanks

  2. TheFantasticFilly says:

    I love the peace unicorn, but, it’s mane looks a little, um, I dunno…. spiky?
    If I get one, I’ll name her Sparkle or something…Hmm… I still don’t know if I should get the peace unicorn or the petal puppy.

  3. Unknown says:

    Oh my goodness! So want the splash dragon. And the sona is so cool!

  4. WinterFawn says:

    Defiantly going to get the splash dragon-if my webkinz store has it. It probably won’t though. )=

    • kba85 says:

      does any 1 know whare the 2ent tresure hunt place is??? if so, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!! i’ve tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

      • kakenta says:

        go to the home page the click on the road trip to reach the blog. Scroll down to the blue highlighted title of the Webkinz Road trip Hug a Pug and click on it….for #3 same thing….get to the blog and scroll down to the Webkinz Road trip: $5 Webkinz pets! and click on it.

  5. Garden Girl says:

    Wow! I am torn apart in wheather or not I should get the Splash Dragon or the Lynx. Love the Relaxing Rocky Sauna and the Sea Lengend Bed.
    -Garden Girl-

  6. Sparkler says:

    So cool! I love the Splash Dragon!
    Stay Bright! ~*Sparkler~*

  7. dawndrop16 says:

    Awesome! :D -Dawndrop*

    • sparklegirlLT says:

      I’m going to get the splash dragon!

      • Soumya says:

        These pets are adorable!

        • lillyluvie says:

          I think the Peace Unicorn is one of the cutest Webkinz!! :mrgreen: I really like the Lynz
          too. I want to get the Peace Unicorn sooo much! :D Its so adorable! *Luv from LillyLuvie*

      • Firedance the dragon lover 234 says:

        I want the splash dragon,second choice out of this batch would be the peace unicorn.then the offense to you lynx owners,but it is not realistic enough for me.the splash dragon is not the best out of their dragons,mostly because where is the real dragonish look on their dragons?the emperor is good for a Chinese dragon, the pink and citrus dragons are too peaceful looking ( i mean come on pink) the lava is good,fierce looking, but wings are puny.Ice dragon,better wings, but a feminine face,which is fine.twilight dragon,good form,but rounded spikes and small wings.WHAT KIND OF DRAGON HAS ROUNDED SPIKES! this one is pretty good for a sea dragon,but like most of ganzes dragons,really lacking in the weapon department.thanks for listening. Firedance

      • chole785 says:

        LYNX! LYNX! LETS GO LYNX!!!!!

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