Webkinz Peace Unicorn

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  1. Rarityjammers says:

    I want it SO much but its limited edition :(

  2. Tanya5 says:

    hi i love the peace unicorn!

  3. Kristie says:

    I luv the peace unicorn! It is sooooo cute! i have one at home and im so happy i have it!

  4. Kristie says:

    I bought a webkinz peace unicorn and it is super adorable and fun. You MUST buy one!!!

  5. Bar says:

    I have her she lovely

  6. Howrse H.L.G (Horse Lover Girl) says:

    Hey! shes so pretty!
    I’m saving money to buy a pet or a dsi or 3Ds I already have 59$, But I get
    Distracted with ALL kinds of things! I went shopping for webkinz once in the stores they told us where they had some in the store locatore,but i cant c 1 webkinz there! and toys r us is kinda far from us, only like a 25 min. drive, but i’m sure my mom won’t cross a bridge,be stuck in traffic, and drive 25 min. just 2 look for a webkinz.thanks for the tip anyway.hey chloe,i LOVE animals 2! I have a BOX filled with dolls and stuffed animals! i receive an animal magazine every month.
    Bye *Howrse H.L.G*

  7. NoName/Allie says:

    I love this Unicorn!!!!!
    I’m asking for it for CHRISTmas but i might just go and buy it.

  8. arianna says:

    cool! i hope ill find peace unicorn too! thanks for telling for me the location

  9. jessica says:

    cool but i have the peace unicorn already there were lot’s of them in toys r us. does anybody go to toys r us? and there are lots of webkinz there some are rare to find like the ice dragon i found it with my sister the dragon have it tail sticking out of bunches of dolls and webkinzs. if you won’t find any webkinzs try finding them in toys r us!

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