Sneak Peek: Alpine St. Bernard

When you’re in need of a friend, look no further than the magnificent Alpine St. Bernard! This furry champion works hard saving lives in the bitter cold, so be sure to have their Barrel Hot Tub ready and steaming when they return from the mountain to help rest their muscles! And as a reward for their efforts helping others, it’s a great idea to give them a Frozen Chocolate Fondue, their favorite sweet treat!

27 Responses to Sneak Peek: Alpine St. Bernard

  1. tinygma says:

    NOW IF WE COULD ONLY add FLOORING to outside rooms . SNOWY FLOORS in a winter outside place should ALWAYS be white !!!! ( HINT HINT) ;)

  2. speedymice5 says:

    This pet is cute! I LOVE the PSI not that it really matters, though.

  3. jrflores says:

    I think the plush looked better. I probably won’t be getting this pet anyway.

  4. BlueJackets101 says:

    This pet is AWESOME! Can you make a fawn colored Great Dane? Did I say please? Thank you!

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