Sneak Peek: Ice Penguin

Get out your happy feet, because the Ice Penguin is here! This fleet-footed pet adores sliding to and fro on their special Slippery Slide! And when they want to take a quick break before heading back for more playtime, hand them a perfectly portable cup of Hot Fish Soup!

84 Responses to Sneak Peek: Ice Penguin

  1. Makira0205 says:

    I know!!!!! Me and my sister want it to because I LOVE THAT THING!!!!!-

  2. bluecode14 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personaly LOVE penguins (and monkeys) AND I LOVE the color blue (and orange) so Penguin+Blue=SOMETHING 2 DIE 4

  3. lammy78 says:

    ice penguin she is so cute and i will call her angel and she is blue

  4. lammy78 says:

    ice penguin is cute i like penguin so much and i will call her angel

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