Sneak Peek: Midnight Owl

Whooooo could be spooookier than the mysterious Midnight Owl? This big-eyed pet is a talon-ted flyer who loves snacking on some crumbling Nighttime Nibbles on a dark evening! And when they want to stock up on their favorite treat, they keep their stash in their special Midnight Snack Fridge!

61 Responses to Sneak Peek: Midnight Owl

  1. ladybirdkt says:

    I LOVE Owls! I So Want This One! ~ Add Me @ ladybirdkt

  2. Zara234 says:

    I Love Owls and Midnight! It was made for me!

  3. lexi5338 says:

    i need to get him

  4. cv2011 says:

    AWW!!!!!! I JUST WANNA HUG IT!!! I LOVE LIKE EVERY WEBKINZ!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. elena_cutie_pie_ says:

    adorable i have absoluteness that i want this!

  6. Tootsielicious says:

    so so cute i love it so much

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