Sneak Peek: Queen of Hearts Gown

There’s a fabulous new Deluxe clothing item for February!



In February Deluxe Members will be in love with this Queen of Hearts Gown!


Every month Deluxe Members receive a special piece of clothing like this gorgeous gown, along with a Wish Token and another bonus prize! But that’s not the only great thing about going Deluxe!


Deluxe Members enjoy extra jobs in the Employment office as well as extra classes at the Kinzville Academy, access to extra daily activities, as well as the Deluxe Prize Machine and Wheel of Deluxe, extra items in the Curio Shop, eStore points, and more!



For as little as $3.75 a month, you can be enjoying the perks of Deluxe Membership too.



So love your pets this month and give the gift of Deluxe!


Please note: Currently there is a glitch which is preventing  players from selling or trading the gown. This has been fixed on our end and will take effect after our next update on February 20th

54 Responses to Sneak Peek: Queen of Hearts Gown

  1. bunnyhugs says:

    yay im deluxw it so pretty but i will be trading it if it not animated

  2. webkin200149 says:

    yeah i love it just got it today!!! :)

  3. cb331 aka SnowyCandy! says:

    OMG!! i neeeed this dress!!! it would look soooooooo cool on my pet cuz her name is Alice!! and its soooooo cute!!!.~SnowyCandy!

  4. sarah says:

    Yes, I’m deluxe! I love this dress!

  5. zoey says:

    that dress i so cool peace out girl scout


    I whish I could have it but I am not a deluxe member

  7. Nemo5500 says:

    I guess its OK. Stinks that you can’t trade or sell it. :(

  8. Amy says:

    Does anyone know how to complete the babysitting job? When ever I want to do a job and it’s the babysitting job they say sorry you can’t do this job!! But I don’t know why!!! Please Help

  9. shoop says:

    I’m Deluxe!! Love the dress! But no gift box :(

  10. kat162826 says:

    The Deluxe outfits are so awesome! Wish tokens are always good, too. However I would like to say the third item is sometimes underwhelming. This month I got a shirt with a peace sign. Not really spectacular. Last month’s third item was a plain green pair of pants. Or was that the month before? I don’t remember because I was so unimpressed and sold it immediately. Another month I got something that has been in the W-Shop forever. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but Deluxe isn’t free and it really would not be that difficult to put better stuff in the boxes. These are animated items, not physical items, so it’s not like extra resources are being used. I would like to see something a little more special for the third item, at least something better than a W-Shop item.

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