Sneak Peek: Sassy Skunk

Get feisty, because it’s hangout time with the Sassy Skunk! Of course, this fancy pet does everything with style, so run them a luxurious Scented Bubble Bath any time of the day to make them happy as can be! And when it comes time to host a fun soiree, be sure to serve them a height-of-posh Swanky Caesar Salad!

98 Responses to Sneak Peek: Sassy Skunk

  1. otissandra says:

    The idea of a skunk is quite unappealing so when you first see it, negative thoughts pop into your head and make this pet seem strange.

  2. otissandra says:

    I personally don’t really like the virtual pet, but the plush is absolutely adorable! Really, the pink hair is just a mistake. (No offense to people who like this pet) The plush hair is much better. The virtual pet’s hair looks like something they threw on just because they ran out of good ideas. (I’m so sorry to people who like this pet!) I just think this was kind of a bad idea, sorry, just my opinion. They sort of just changed the color and added hair. I don’t think the PSI fits at all or the PSF. This pet is okay, I guess. (No offense)

    • otissandra says:

      This just doesn’t make any sense, sorry people. I’m just telling the truth. We all know the PSI and PSF don’t even go with it and the box belongs to a cat and the color scheme is ALL wrong. Weird.

  3. otissandra says:

    I think this pet is really cute! I wish it didn’t have that weird pink puff of hair on its head, though.

  4. mrsanj says:

    COOL! I totally think that the Sassy Skunk should be one of the Rockerz pets!!!!!!!!!

  5. Owl132005 says:

    Wow! This Webkinz is awsome!

  6. doodlepoodle678 says:

    The Sassy Skunk’s PSF doesn’t even look like it goes with this cute & sassy skunk.

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