Sneak Peek: Scribbles Pup

The Scribbles Pup is all about creating art! Help them discover their talent with a fun and functional Doodle Chair, the perfect seat for any artist! And when it’s time to take a break, hand them a big serving of yummy Squiggly Pasta, a scrumptious work of art in itself!

56 Responses to Sneak Peek: Scribbles Pup

  1. sare678mno says:

    Come to mamma, squiggly-wiggly!

  2. gh2002 says:

    Ilove the psf

  3. FrancefireSwan says:

    Aww very cute but I think they could of made a more exiting psi, the chair is kinda boring. I wish they could of made the pups psi have a pencil outfit lol

  4. hklover628 says:

    I think it’s cute but most dogs like this are like the same except for the design they could do like longer or shorter ears, curly tails and not the same kind of dog

  5. WEBKINZFREAK51 says:


  6. mollyberger says:

    I love this pet . but the psi and psf is kinda weird and boring.

  7. ImaPepper says:

    This is cute; I like its food and item, but the pet kinda makes me dizzy, LOL! :-)

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