Sneak Peek: Signature Snow Leopard

Cozy up to the beautiful Signature Snow Leopard! No stranger to the cold winds of their northern habitat, this sleek cat warms up on winter evenings with a hot cup of Cozy Cocoa! And whether they’re keeping a watch over their lands or simply taking a rest, you’ll often find them deep in the wilderness enjoying the view from their pristine Alpine Cave!

228 Responses to Sneak Peek: Signature Snow Leopard

  1. webkinzsignatures555 says:

    it so cute and I have 1 but I love the English bulldog I’m more of a dog lover but looooooooove snow leopards and tabby cats :) :)

  2. Roundupgirl2002 says:

    Ooh! So exited! I’m getting this today :D I was going to get it at my local toy store, but they just sold the last one :( Oh well, At least I still get it! even if I have to wait a while :) I’m naming her Elska (Love), Mwezi (Moon) or vona (Faith). Which name do you like best???

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