Summer Fun Peek-A-Newz

Time to play Peek-A-Newz!

Log in below and find the featured host five times between 12:00am EST and 11:59pm EST each day from July 8 to July 20, and you’ll win a special prize!

How do you play? Click the button below to log in with your Webkinz World account. Then, search Webkinz Newz for the featured host. When you find the host, click on him or her. Find the host five times, then fill in the form and a special prize will be added to your Webkinz World account. One prize per account per day.

236 Responses to Summer Fun Peek-A-Newz

  1. bbyboo says:

    i <3 this and i don’t want it to go away

  2. shaylea says:

    i am so sad that webkinz is shut down

  3. choco coco says:


  4. 08agc says:

    Hi everyone! Im sort of new to this and my mom told me i had to use good grammar well, idk bout u guys but i have 22 pets and i always 4get to play with my first pet, “scotty” hes my favorite and yet i play more with the pet i just adopted the other day, than i play with him!!! :)well, i gtg!!! ttygl!!! (talk to you guys later!!)

  5. Emerlee [Username: Daffodil80] says:

    I like to make friends so if anyone is interested I would love to be friends with you. A few facts about me……
    2. I love the campkinz theme [anyone for trading?!]
    3. I love to host PARTIES

  6. nutz1998 says:

    hey i just wanted everyone to know that i have ever single webkinz there is……..i have been collecting since webkinz first came!!!!!!!

  7. littlel77 says:

    who won a beauty contest not me if you want you can add me as a friend

  8. 987mydog says:

    I loved the new game it is very cool.

  9. Crooper says:

    I love playing

  10. rainbow483 says:

    so cool. i can,t wait yeah!
    peace out y’all !

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