Quizzy’s Learn & Play Questions

To complete a whole series of Learn and Play questions at Quizzy’s, just visit Quizzy’s Question Corner and choose an age group under Learn and Play. Then you can choose to answer questions about the Arts, Social Studies, Health, Math, Science or Language! You just need to answer all fifty questions in one of those categories and you’ll be able to complete this requirement on your path to earning your Key to Kinzville!

16 Responses to Quizzy’s Learn & Play Questions

  1. Ana says:

    I’m a voyager for the keys to kinzville and I’m really close to the next stage! Exciting!

  2. shadaeM says:


  3. maxruby246 says:

    I’ve completed 5-6 and 7-8 Social Studies. It’s my favorite subject!

  4. kpkp1 says:

    Your buisness is AWESOME! I come every day!!!!

  5. Amidala says:

    Really easy. Find a subject you love and go for it!!

  6. webkinzlover says:

    I kinda like it every now an then but not all the time because it kinda makes me feel like I am in school!!!

  7. PrincessLeia says:

    Yep this was really easey. I did all the art questons

  8. Bluepeso says:

    Nearly everyone knows that. You do not have to post it on.

  9. 9Belle says:

    i have done it.
    i did health.

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