Celebrate Winterfest with Webkinz Friends!


Join in with the KinzFolk in Webkinz Friends to celebrate even MORE Winterfest joy this year!


Snowflake Collection


Click on buildings in your town to find Snowflakes! Collect all 200 and you’ll receive a Webkinz Winter Games Stadium for your town. Once you build the Stadium, you’ll receive a Winterfest Snowflake Cookie 5-Pack to send back to your Webkinz.com and feed to your pet (you’ll win lovely Winterfest prizes and a chance to win an amazing Royal Ice Sleigh!).





Webkinz Winter Games Buildings & Decorations


Head to the KinzMart to check out awesome all-NEW items for your town!


-          Bobsled Track

-          Ski Jump

-          Snowy Ski Hill

-          Webkinz Winter Games Flag



Winter Furniture Pieces


Want to redecorate for the winter season? Go to your House and click on the KinzMart to pick up these great items!


-          Ice Fort Bed

-          Ice Man Drums

-          Majestic Meals Dining Table

-          Majestic Meals Dining Chair

-          Snowball Beanbag Chair

-          Winter Wonderland Window

-          Winterfest Guitar

-          Snowy City Wallpaper



50 Responses to Celebrate Winterfest with Webkinz Friends!

  1. Jglee88 says:


  2. Mak123 says:

    Is it going on cause then I got to hop on my tablet :)

  3. True2MyWord1 says:

    Is kinzmart like the W shop? Or are there both in Webkinz Friends?

  4. lilypugrulestoo says:

    Thank You for fixing this!!!!!!

  5. daddydean1 says:

    All this stuff will be real good for me because i have a snow house on webkinz

  6. tnvols1 says:

    I love many of the diamond items..I would buy a few if they were just a little cheaper!!

  7. lilypugrulestoo says:

    Thank you so much for fixing my face book…I am well on my way collecting snowflakes…hope all the people have theirs back too…..love the new tech building

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