The Magic Tree – Storybook Garden Grand Prize!

The Magic Tree is positively enchanting — you’ll love the twinkling lights and the delicious Magic Fruit you can harvest each day. This stunning tree adds an otherworldly element to your storybook garden. What will your garden grow?

The Magic Tree is the grand prize for the premium tier of the Storybook Garden Season. Purchase a Season Pass and complete all of the levels to win this wonderful tree!

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7 Responses to The Magic Tree – Storybook Garden Grand Prize!

  1. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Ganz not gabs lol

    • gabbyelle24 says:

      I enjoyed this season and was so excited to see a mystery prize and the magic tree at the end. Both prizes seemed like a good/appropriate incentive to complete the season. I was so disappointed that when I opened the final “diamond” prize it was a single item that I already owned and had gained as a prize in the past. Very disappointing! It would have been nice to have a choice of prizes. Truly, how many baby changing tables does one account need? I am not trying to be ungrateful, just observing that the final prize box looked so “promising” and exciting and required participation in activities to “earn” it.

  2. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    I hope gabs fixes that glitch real soon!

  3. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    I bought the season pass but I don’t know why it won’t let you buy it but I’ll tell ya somethin Webkinz next glitches alot I don’t know why but i liked the story book garden season it was a blast!

  4. 2diamonds12 says:

    I am really disappointed with the Storybook Season glitches. I want to be able to purchase the season pass to be able to get The Magic Tree but my season’s points have not been registering properly. Sept 1st – I completed all daily tasks and did not get my 50 points, nor did I get my 40 points for earning 50 prize tickets. That is a total of 90 points that didn’t register to my season progress. Sept 2nd I did not receive my 50 points earned for daily tasks, nor did I get my 40 points for purchasing a rare item. I completed my 2nd A for the pop quiz at the Academy and that didn’t register in the tally of the 1st weeks point list. My pet effects points of 30 didn’t get added to my season’s progress either, that is a total of 120 points that didn’t get added for this day. Sept 3rd – didn’t get awarded daily tasks points of 50 points,completed my 3rd A in pop quiz at the Academy and it didn’t register on scoreboard. Sept 5th – week 3 no points were adding up again: missing 50 points from all the daily activities, wish boutique points of 30,and selling 3 diamond cookies to the wshop for 20 points, buying something from the Arcade Shop 30 points, buying something from the Spirit Shop 30 points, craft a recipe on Carpenter’s Bench of 30 points. This is a total of 190 points that didn’t get registered to my season’s progress. Sept 6th – score started at 1220 for season progress all daily tasks points still didn’t register of 50 points,nor did my piece of slag. Sept 7th – daily tasks points still didn’t register for 50 points.Sept 9 – didn’t get my 50 points again from daily tasks,nor did I get my 40 points from completing the wheel of wow spins. That is a total of 90 points missing. Sept 11th didn’t get my daily points of 50 again. Sept 13th – didn’t get my daily tasks 50 points again, nor did my 4th A in pop quiz at the Academy register so I’m still haven’t been awarded those points either. Sept 14th – didn’t get my daily tasks 50 points, nor did I get my 30 points for completion of collecting all the slag, that is a total of 80 points missing from my Season’s Progress total. Sept 16 – started the day with 2250 season progress points none of my daily tasks points registered again for 50 points. Ganz please fix this problem so I can purchase the season pass and be able to get my Magic Fruit Tree and all the other 2nd tier prizes. Thank you, 9delicious12.

  5. marroncream says:

    It would be really cool to have something like a character talk about things on newz in-game, this and the updates on twitter for rare items etc are really good but having it outside of the game feels weird when theres little to no development updates in game other than the What’s New page, just a suggestion from an invested player

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