Meet August’s Great Cake Cookoff Leader!


Stick a fork in August – it’s done! The results are in for the first month of the Great Cake Cookoff and we’re excited to announce the bakers who cooked up a win!


Our first place winner, Sparkle Dawnmeadow 1 is the first ever recipient of the brand new Great Cake Champion Trophy!



Congratulations to Sparkle Dawnmeadow 1 and every player who made it onto the leaderboard!


The leaderboard has been reset for September, so grab your chef’s hats and get cooking! YOU might be next month’s winner!





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16 Responses to Meet August’s Great Cake Cookoff Leader!

  1. memsrjoan says:

    I think the cars have been banned. After watching others, I tried it, but now my pet jumps out of the vehicle as soon as the game starts. I finally got a 2nd place and won the chef’s jacket.

  2. duckess1 says:

    how did you learn about the points? I never see a score for items taken or any instructions on how to completely know how to play this game. All I can do is log in, collect what I can (with the cars running over everyone) and get 5 points. Not so much fun when you have no idea what is really going on!

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      I learned about the points through observation. I noticed how many points I earned when I got first place and second place and heard from others as to how many points they got when they got third place or fourth place and below.

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