Set up a sensational Southwestern scene this September!

September Special: Southwestern ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


You’re sure to find something with a sensational southwestern flair inside this marvelous mystery box! The sense of suspense makes it more fun!


You may find the Southwestern ?? Box and other September Specials at eStore starting September 1, 2023!



16 Responses to Set up a sensational Southwestern scene this September!

  1. fedorovgirl says:

    I don’t usually buy mystery eStore boxes, but all of the prizes in the Southwestern boxes were beautiful, so I bought one … and got a lovely chair! :)

  2. HorseInTheDessert says:

    Aww, my gosh! This theme is so near & dear to my heart! So beautiful!! <3

  3. caseyspacey says:

    Found code inside the Southwestern Box at the Estore.

  4. Msamommy says:

    I love this theme, but again….I purchase 17 boxes and not one window! SO frustrating!!!!!!

    • cecilopez says:

      agreed. Its not right. Thats why I never buy any.

      • Msamommy says:

        Yeah, I didn’t spend money on Webkinz all summer (I usually buy points) because of junk they pull like this. I’m kind of sick of it. It’s one thing to charge (obviously that’s how they make money) but another to make it nearly impossible to get items to complete the room. I honestly don’t get why boxes are necessary for themes. Let us just buy the items…use mystery boxes for mystery items, not theme items. It’s so disappointing, and I’ve said this before and it always falls on deaf ears.

        • caseyspacey says:

          Off-topic Msamommy I’m kind of shocked that the L-shaped desk has not come to SPREE! like GANZ mentioned in November, just to put that out there if they forgot, if that’s deaf ears too. XD Also cakis groovy condo couch & SteampunkUnicorn’s Birthday or Greeting Card Stand.

          • Michael Webkinz says:

            The L=Shaped Desk is coming soon… stay tuned!

          • Msamommy says:

            Glad to hear it’s finally coming soon! I was wondering the same thing. It’s been a long time.

            Know what I really want to know? A couple years ago there was a contest to make a lodge style room. I know several who entered (including me), and there was NEVER a winner chosen or another word about it. The folder with photos just disappeared soon after as well. I don’t get why they never followed through. I love this game and it really is disappointing when things like this happen. They need a better way of responding to us as well…so many comments are made with no replies or acknowledgement. A social media person who answers ALL our questions would be helpful.

    • beerfeet says:

      I agree also. I save my points and splurge on boxes and NEVER get the desired items. Lovely theme.

  5. pittiesrule says:

    This theme is beautiful. Pittiesrule

  6. frankie98 says:

    This is a beautiful theme. So different and can definitely be incorporated with so many other items in WW. Very excited for this one!

  7. mfaull says:

    This is a beautiful theme. Wish we could use Kinzcash.

  8. kaitgomez says:

    Love this theme

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