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Follow the chronicles of Dr. Quack as he tries to solve a medical mystery unfolding in Kinzville!



“Cold And Flu Season Hits Kinzville Hard!” ~ Journal Entry: January 21, 2015


“A Remedy Must Be Found!” ~ Journal Entry: January 24, 2015


“Go Science!” ~ Journal Entry: January 31, 2015


“Disaster Strikes!” ~ Journal Entry: February 6, 2015


Ella on the Street: A Special Report from Dr. Quack’s Clinic!


“What To Do Now?” ~ Journal Entry: February 21, 2015


“I’ve Made My Decision” ~ Journal Entry: March 6, 2015


25 Responses to Dr. Quack’s Journal: Archives

  1. CrozierKinz says:

    Yo uh idk what to say i mean its dr. Quack you know? what if you got a response back!!!???? OMGGGG :OOOO AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. champagnemami says:

    dr quack leaving was the worst decision ever, webkinz has not and never will be the same. gave a sense of nostalgia ya know

  3. webkinz898 says:

    Come back Dr. Quack! :(

  4. bizzarrun says:

    i no rite

  5. ilovewebkinz708 says:

    A remedy to make no webkinz EVER sick again? Well, webkinz can do whatever they want with the site even if they take one of the MOST liked hosts away (hint,hint) but I think they went too far with the fact webkinz is made up and based on some real facts. Clearly, the earth isn’t close to make something like that, and taking care of your webkinz isn’t fun anymore if it isn’t even realistic enough to let them get sick. Now what is the point of taking care of them? I know it makes them happier obviously, but now they can’t get sick if you don’t…!

    • ilovewebkinz708 says:

      BTW I know you probably don’t care but I created a Debate Team at my school and I enjoy debating things whenever there are reasons to… so reply if there is anything in webkinz or the real world that you think should be debated against!

  6. sparklesjm says:

    I’ll miss you Dr. quack when i am there my pet is so cute. :(

  7. goty2003 says:

    WHY WHY WHY :’[ Dr.Quack why do u have to leave how about if my pet gets sick and it cant be treated ?!?!? Plz do not leave !

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