They’re Here! All-New Webkinz Plush Toys!


For our new game, we are proud to announce a whole new generation of Webkinz plush toys. Webkinz with an all-new design, with fabulous and fun fabrics and unique Pet Patches for every style!

WK00001 Golden Retriever

WK00002 Unicorn



These special features aren’t just for show. They are a key part of our new Baby Spark feature. When you create a baby using the sparks of our plush toys, your baby will receive some of the features of its parents. Think your Orange Tabby Cat would look great with the sparkly pink feet of the Unicorn? Combine them and you might get just that!
And what’s better than a new toy with one secret Pet Code? A new toy with TWO.
That’s right the new Webkinz plush comes with TWO codes, one for new Webkinz and one for Webkinz Classic. We’ve added the new pets to Webkinz Classic in the original style – with our new pet feel!

Where can you get these amazing new plush toys? Only one place, Ganz eStore! All Webkinz plush is available exclusively at Ganz eStore and includes free shipping to anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Be a part of the new future for Webkinz and be one of the first to snuggle up with our all new plush pets!

Inventory is limited. Available while quantities last.

111 Responses to They’re Here! All-New Webkinz Plush Toys!

  1. himawari678 says:

    Bring back permanently the 2000′s Era Webkinz (2005-2009) especially the retired ones. I miss the cheeky ones too.

  2. lpspinky1231 says:

    the new webkinz plushies are cute they do resemble beanie boos a lot but i love them the only thing im worried about is the variety of pets they can make using this style like will googles ever come back or any other crazy animals they had

  3. warriorcatz4eva2 says:

    make some rockerz ones, and you can take my money!!

  4. InTheGarden2010 says:


  5. InTheGarden2010 says:

    My pet cow took a LOOOOOOOONG time to come in from the actual Webkinz sight :(

  6. CourageWolf says:

    I like the old versions of webkinz better. These look too much like Beanie Boos.

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