They’re Here! All-New Webkinz Plush Toys!


For our new game, we are proud to announce a whole new generation of Webkinz plush toys. Webkinz with an all-new design, with fabulous and fun fabrics and unique Pet Patches for every style!

WK00001 Golden Retriever

WK00002 Unicorn



These special features aren’t just for show. They are a key part of our new Baby Spark feature. When you create a baby using the sparks of our plush toys, your baby will receive some of the features of its parents. Think your Orange Tabby Cat would look great with the sparkly pink feet of the Unicorn? Combine them and you might get just that!
And what’s better than a new toy with one secret Pet Code? A new toy with TWO.
That’s right the new Webkinz plush comes with TWO codes, one for new Webkinz and one for Webkinz Classic. We’ve added the new pets to Webkinz Classic in the original style – with our new pet feel!

Where can you get these amazing new plush toys? Only one place, Ganz eStore! All Webkinz plush is available exclusively at Ganz eStore and includes free shipping to anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Be a part of the new future for Webkinz and be one of the first to snuggle up with our all new plush pets!

Inventory is limited. Available while quantities last.

111 Responses to They’re Here! All-New Webkinz Plush Toys!

  1. BobaBird says:

    no beans? :(

  2. heart10m says:

    Part of the reason webkinz are loved so much is for their unique style that we all know and love. These… do not fit that description. If you showed these to me elsewhere I would not think ‘Webkinz’. If you brought the old style of plush back, people would rush to buy them! I know I would!

  3. pinky548n says:

    Can’t buy them there not instores in Charlottetown PEI and can’t buy online no cards to buy online purchases

  4. Pilgrimcat498 says:

    These are so cute! I wish they weren’t so expensive otherwise I’d totally get one! Do you think you’ll ever make a plush cat? I would love that!

  5. leaveitnow41s says:

    I love the no more plushies. I gave away 3 bags of plush and still have bins everywhere. I did buy the new ones. Haven’t adopted to Classic yet.

  6. Blacklab1234 says:

    Will the old plush be coming back as well? As much as I like both Webkinz and Webkinz Next, I don’t like the new plushie style, both of the games are cute and the virtual versions of the pets are pretty cute as well, but the new plush just look a bit bland, and look like every plush toy nowadays, I enjoyed the older ones better with the smaller heads and eyes, and the more realistic features. I do like both of the games, but I’ll probably just keep buying plush pets and virtual pets for Webkinz and virtual-only pets for Next since I don’t really like plush with big eyes and glitter.

    • fudginny17 says:

      I agree, I think the old plush pets were better because they were more made for PLAYTIME. They’re toys right? Shouldn’t they feel like them? I think the beanie style that Ganz went for in the past with floppier bodies and smaller heads was a lot better suited to playtime in real life when you can’t be on the computer or phone. And I’m gonna be honest, I spend 99% of the time with my pets in real life, I don’t even touch the games.

    • WebkinzPlayerIn2022 says:

      You can still by 1st gen pets in eBay, amazon, or (whatimacallit) WShop or Ganz eStore in the Webkinz classic section.

      • Blacklab1234 says:

        Yeah I do still buy them on EBay sometimes, but it doesn’t really feel the same, I loved the feeling of just walking into a random store and just seeing a tall shelf just full of Webkinz plush! Plus, I’d rather see a plush actually in-person before I purchase it.

      • WebkinzPlayerIn2022 says:

        Oh yeah, “whatimacallit W-Shop” -Arte Fact is one of my favorite quotes ever, along with “This is the hairdo for me” -Plumpy E Hippo.

  7. ILOVEWEBKINZ1234567892374 says:

    Hi Webkinz I have a question will there be more plush coming soon?

  8. NerdyNarwhal133 says:

    Just ordered the golden retriever! Can’t wait for it to get here!! :D

  9. genderfluidcloud says:

    Not gonna lie, everyone seems to hate the digital classic designs but I kind of like them, more so the unicorn. The plush forms are a little bland and do look a lot like other brands (one thing I love about Webkinz is how easy to spot they are and these new plushes make it harder). But other than that, I don’t actually mind the designs.

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