6 Month Deluxe Membership Special!

*2,000 Extra eStore Points offer valid until 11:59pm Monday June 27, 2011 (EST). Offer applies to purchases of 6-Month Deluxe Memberships only. 2,000 Extra eStore Points will be deposited to the purchasing eStore Account immediately upon purchase completion. Must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid credit card to purchase. Extra eStore Points will not expire.

16 Responses to 6 Month Deluxe Membership Special!

  1. angel111 says:

    so cool i am siging up for Deluxe today.

  2. Fredthefox says:

    i don’t have enough money for deluxe membership :(

  3. Nicki says:

    Hi people, i was just wondering something about being a deluxe member. Do you become one if you buy a Deluxe pet? Or do you buy a Deluxe pet and pay for it every month? Thank you.
    -Audrey (username) peppermint526 (please add me)

    • bunnyrose says:

      Hi to answer your question. You buy deluxe membership by itself and you pay for it all at once with your credit card at the estore. If you buy a estore pet you just get the pet and pay for it all at once. You might have been mistaken for the deluxe only pets. To buy those you must have bought a deluxe membership in the past to buy that pet, in the same way with the deluxe prices and anything with deluxe price tag on it. Hope this helps.

  4. strawberrylove says:

    Awesome!!!!! thank you Ganz!!! :lol:

  5. LostMyMarbles says:

    Neat! I needed to renew anyways! Excellent idea, Ganz! :)

    • lillyluvie says:

      Cool, but I don’t have estore or deluxe. Oh well, but this is a great idea for people who have deluxe!! LillyLuvie*

      • Owlcitzent says:

        Cool! BUT i don’t do Estore or deluxe not because we cant afford it but
        because i think estore makes other people feel lower than they are
        i believe in being = !
        I also LOVE OWL CITY!

      • Moonstar says:

        Hey guys! I want to annouce something! I will be coming back, and commenting as Moonstar! Keep a few things in mind: I don’t sign with a * anymore. I always use something like this: ♥◘♣. Also remember the way I talk. I never say OMG or usually don’t do things like TTYL or LOL. And, I am always nice to people. People, please don’t copy me, I have feelings too! I can give you a cool name too, I can help you be popular too, just please don’t copy me. Thanks guys!! -Moonstar◘♥◘

    • 97laura says:

      LostMyMarbles you’re deluxe too?! Cool! Deluxe guinea pigs forever!

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