Meet the Fish King!













Meet the Adventure Park’s underwater king!


Name: Fish King

Favorite Color: Yellow

Can be Found: Underwater

Likes: Being the king, having loyal subjects, thrones, crowns, jewels, seashells

Dislikes: Being questioned, being disrespected, losing his crown, forgetting where he put his scepter

Tell us About Yourself: “I am the King! The Fish King, of course. I rule all those who are fortunate enough to live in the sea with me. Oh, I know that SOME individuals might question my abilities, but I’ve been around a long time so I’m incredibly wise.  Now, has anyone seen my cape?”

24 Responses to Meet the Fish King!

  1. softballrocks5 says:

    do you guys know where the water valves are to shut off

  2. pinky28779 says:

    If I were to choose either the Fish King or Sera, I’d choose Sera. The Fish King looks forgetful..why doesn’t he just get up and go look for his cape anyway? =) I’d like that.


  3. dirdenjan says:

    I agree with you Reeses…… We’re scardy cats………………..

  4. imeeyore says:

    Gotta have those clothes!!! Can you all please put them in the W Shop. PLEASE!!!!!

  5. Reeses says:

    If you look at the Fish King too long he becomes kinda scary! XD

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