2 Backstage Pass Prizes Have Been Retired!


ATTENTION ALL COLLECTORS: The VIP Tour Bus and the Groupie Face Stickers have been retired as Backstage Pass prizes BUT all Rockerz fans will be pumped to find out that 2 NEW prizes are available! Use your Backstage Passes to trade for the Lighting Backdrop and the Paws of Fame and create the ULTIMATE Rockerz room!  Get 2 Backstage Passes with every Rockerz Pet adoption.


4 Responses to 2 Backstage Pass Prizes Have Been Retired!

  1. Suwalleis says:

    would be nice if all this getting passes and whatever was explain better… really there is no way a new person would understand what they are looking for… so how do you get this back stage pass anyway?

    • LambTyler says:

      You get a backstage pass from adopting a rockerz pet, which is a type of webkinz pet. Then you drag the pass in your room and you can pick from a selection of prizes. The prizes can be traded and sent! Hope I helped! LT

  2. Webkinz6910 says:

    Can you at least put them back in for the rest of the year and give everyone a back stage pass!!! :(

  3. chels101_kitty says:

    Bring back Rockerz! You haven’t made one in so long, and what’s the point of adding new prizes if there are no new Rockerz???

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