February Events Calendar


There’s a lot going on in Webkinz World throughout February, including the Valentines Collection and Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand! Check out the calendar below to learn about upcoming events:




Don’t miss a thing in February! CLICK HERE to learn more about our Valentine’s Day events.


33 Responses to February Events Calendar

  1. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    I won’t be doing another Deluxe membership. You mess with my animals and then you won’t let me get their hearts full. I have to give them all a bath and then the heart still don’t fill up. If I stay it will be a reg. member. Bittergreen

  2. 5bunnies says:

    No trophy to be won this month?

  3. 19952005 says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. tyrexgirl says:

    Um … Hi today is my Birthday feb the 18….. um just want to tell you that …. so ya =3

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