Webkinz Event Calendar – June 2018


Join us in Webkinz World throughout the month of June… there’s a lot going on, including Berry Fest, one of the summer’s most popular events! Check out the calendar below to find out what we have planned for the month of June:




Be sure to visit Webkinz Newz daily for more information regarding each event!


52 Responses to Webkinz Event Calendar – June 2018

  1. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    Also I would like to know WHY you have to feed your pet so much, when you want to put them in bed , you have to feed them again and if they go out to play , you have to feed them again. That’s why I don’t take mine out to play that much , Because then I have to feed them again. Wake up people !

  2. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    I agree , when you get a prize you don’t want you should be allowed to sell them ,or give them to friends.If your not using them ,they are in the way. I have 3 rooms of things I don’t use .You should be allowed to sell what you don’t want. Or give it away. what are they thinking, that some how you will use them ? I think not.

    • Fluffychinchilla says:

      Would be nice to have a storage item that lets you put those unneeded items inside. Like walpapers, furniture, flooring, etc. So many storage items and none of them can store a lot…

      • tink1706 says:

        BAMBOO TRUNK – some items you dont figure store in this. PINK LILLY plants but not yellow . WELCOME Baloons . I hop this helps. My storeage area is as big as my rooms area . I only horde in WEBKINZ but someday I can share these thing with my kids in their rooms :)

  3. Mreeha says:

    You forgot on the 6th the Webkinz might be down for maitnience, because of the new coins you can get free pets with, unless it’s a quick thing, like the people who Webkinz make the code quick.

  4. bg_1954ddbur4df1d says:

    I have 6 jars of berrys in my dock, How can I use them ? Thank You

    • hotpets says:

      you can’t use them you get them by eating berrys

    • mycatsnores says:

      If they are baskets, drag them into your room and it will open and give you some free berries! If it is just a berry, go to Jumbleberry game and drag/drop them in the jars

    • Furbabiez says:

      From what I’ve seen, those jars of jam are food for your pets. But they are a rare food, so hang on to them. I have one of the Moon berry Jam and one of the Sugarberry jam. I love the jars and wish we could display them. I made the mistake of trying to place a pickle berry jam on a counter … my pet ate it and was politely thankful. But I was disappointed.

  5. penguin5 says:

    I Hope they are going to put all new prizes in the Spree Game and Jumbleberry Game. Time for a change. Thanks

  6. KimAA1214 says:

    I just fed my pets about 25 orange sodas and got nothing but some DEE-licious-es and lots of burps…NO prize. I hope this is not a sign of what’s to come because Wacky Weekends and Berry Fest are 2 of my favorite times of year; we usually get some really cool prizes! We should be able to buy the items we want… you will still get paid and we are happier because we choose then purchase an item that we want. I bought 5 peach pies and got 3 brick walls!! I bought the Fairytail Forest boxes and yep… no Grandma’s Cottage. I wasted E-Store points that I strategically purchased and saved. I realize that we all can’t win… so just let us spend our points – especially valuable E-Store Points – on the items we want.. and PLEASE let us trade or gift them! If I purchase and pay for an item, I feel I should be able to do with it as I please, including give it away! Thanks for listening!!

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      Thank you so much for this, I completely agree. I, too, wasted points trying to get even one of the 3 adorable cottages they released this spring, instead I got a ton of rose bushes I didn’t want and a whole flock of chick plushies. Well, the chicks are cute, but…I will never take another “chance” on anything Webkinz, I’m tired of always being disappointed & wasting my money. So why can’t they just sell these items individually? This is how to lose business.

      • paperclip00 says:

        I agree, especially about e-store items. I have several e-store items in my dock that I do not like, want, or use, but I can’t get rid of them. I didn’t even choose them… they were all awarded to me during different events or promos. I hope Webkinz will one day listen to their fans and allow us to get rid of them. It would be so nice to trade or gift these things to players who would enjoy and use them.

    • Furbabiez says:

      There’s a ‘knack’ for feeding pets prize foods. #1) your pet has to be up and awake. Otherwise it doesn’t count (hardly even makes a dent in the hunger meter) but you want your pet to be talking when you give them the prize food. #2) your pet should not be right empty! You can’t feed them Soda on an empty stomach. Try giving them their own food for the first feed, then feed them the Soda. #3) If you don’t get results within the first FOUR, STOP feeding your pet! It’s not happening! Wait until later. And just another little hint? Sometimes just a few minutes before Arte’s Rare time will be a good time to feed your pet. People have gotten excellent gifts during that time. (This does not mean this is a trigger, it’s just something people have said and anything is worth a shot, right?)

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