Webkinz Classic Event Calendar: March 2021


Enjoy a one week Deluxe Preview in March! Check out the calendar below to see what else we have planned for the month:




Listen to Podkinz episode 155 to learn more about upcoming events!


78 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar: March 2021

  1. Corimae says:

    is the countdown to spring celebration working because I cant seem to get get the prize from the butterflies??

  2. moomoomoo333 says:

    hey, i got over 11,500 points on Wacky ER a couple of times and i haven’t gotten any of the prizes how do I get them.

  3. hannah5banana says:

    What happened to the Deluxe preview? I hope they add on an extra day at the end to make up for not getting this one!

  4. trixiebelden says:

    I logged into webkinz today, but the deluxe preview hasn’t started. Isn’t supposed to start today?

  5. gergaloyd says:

    When does the free deluxe preview begin ? – It’s march 6 and i cannot play deluxe games!!!

  6. gergaloyd says:

    my deluxe preview is not working. Why am I unable to play deluxe games?

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