Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – November, 2021


Check out the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:




Let us know what you are looking forward to the most, by leaving a comment in the section below…


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  1. monarch02WK says:

    I hadn’t played Webkinz in years, but now I’m finally back to playing. My old friends all seem to be inactive, so I’m looking for some new and currently active friends to add to help me out with challenges and such. Lmk if you’re interested! :)

  2. Crystal1453 says:

    Can someone please tell me why I can’t use the deluxe offers when I have Purchased/got pets on my account in the past (2010) I’ve finally logged back in so my daughter can play on my account as I put a lot of time and got a lot of pets ( more then 10 ). I’ve tried getting her a Webkinz but every store I got to doesn’t have them. Please help as I would like to utilize the features.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      A deluxe account is required for deluxe features. If your last purchased pet was in 2010, your account is now considered a free account. Both plush pets and virtual pets are available to purchase from Ganz eStore, or you can purchase a deluxe membership, which gives you a free pet but does not require that you adopt it on to your account.

  3. josev says:

    Feeling blue; I get vertigo/motion sickness and can’t play ’3D’ games. I love completing challenges tho. Webkinz next looks great and I’m happy that so many people are enjoying it. (I couldn’t play ‘mazin hamsters either) Please don’t read this as complaining – I just want to make sure that the creators know that folks like me happen :) lol

    • flipflopbunny says:

      i get vertigo and motion sickness with 3d games too, i thought it would be so with webkinz next. I so far have not had any issues. So sorry you get it though. I was concerned when I first download the games a week ago.

  4. 12hope34 says:

    Just curious, are there going to be multiple wheel of wow cookies floating around throughout the month or just a very limited amount?

  5. harevister1 says:

    I love all of the events coming up in November. I’m not able to play Webkinz Next though, due to me having a serious problem after downloading the app. I’ve been locked out of my Micosoft account, and can not delete and reinstall the Next app. Would some one be willing to send me a juice box please? My user name is rabbitz2.

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