Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – May, 2022


There’s a lot to look forward to in May on Webkinz Classic! Take a look at the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:



Which event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below…


36 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – May, 2022

  1. Puppy789 says:

    thank you webkinz team!

  2. Puppy789 says:

    yay!! I really want the DIY event! I am so exited!

  3. Flower88910 says:

    Always excited for a wacky weekend, and that toy piano is so cute

  4. threehounds says:

    This month is looking excellent, can’t wait to get the fair buddies and another ant mania blanket.

  5. Fedorovgirl says:

    Hard to pick a favourite–the toy piano & sheet music tile are very cute, and I’m intrigued by the new pet buddy (Thorn Fairy) but I’m looking forward to having a chance to win the Robin Plushy as it didn’t make it to the White Chocolate prize pool (I just read the update).

  6. Wingsfan65 says:

    The prizes for the May Deluxe Challenge and the Employee of the Month Challenge look great, so I’m looking forward to that. Hoping to win a Robin Plushy in the Tulip Bulb Floaty-Clicky event, too! Ooooh, and the Thorn Fairy Buddy prize in the Tulip Trouble 2 Challenge sounds very interesting, too. Lots of great Webkinz events and prizes next month! Thanks in advance, guys! :)

  7. KSC says:

    So many fun events in May!

  8. FuzzyFriends says:

    So exciting! Also, is that a new dye I see! I really just can’t believe it’s MAY already! The school year is almost ending and it’s almost summer and, well you know what I mean! I just can’t believe we’re this far into 2022 already!

  9. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    Ahh man, so many fun things to do! Too bad April is ending. =/

  10. Mads_ says:

    Everything looks like so much fun!! If anyone needs friends for the flower collection you can add me! my user is: silliy (silly with an extra i lol)

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