Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – April 2024


Webkinz turns 19, on April 29th! Take a look at the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:





Which event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below…


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28 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – April 2024

  1. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    Do you ever release an Event Calendar for Webkinz Next? I was hoping to see when that River Otter will be available. Also would like to know if there is going to be a Wacky event. If so I may wait to do the Wacky challenge task until the Wacky event. Thanks for the information!!!

  2. elikerin says:

    That Whimsy Skies Ride looks so cool!

  3. MissPrissy says:

    Why is it that when can’t do everything on the mobile app! It can get pretty annoying to have to use a desktop app and a mobile app.

    • alucard says:

      @MissPrissy- I agree! I have tried to leave comments in the App Store for Webkinz Mobile on my iPad and my Android phone. No replies to comments or questions. No major updates for the Mobile App. Due to lack of updates, I go spin the WOW and get the few furniture and clothing items that are “apparently” just available on the Mobile App. I love having Webkinz Classic on my desktop, and on my iPad and phone, but sometimes, when I travel, I would love to be able to play on Webkinz and not miss out on special events and games. It is truly annoying! :-/

      • sally says:

        The mobile app is basically the newer parts of the desktop app. Anything that was updated to the latest version of Flash is already on the mobile app, which is also Flash. Updating the mobile app would require a corresponding update to the desktop app.

  4. alucard says:

    April Events look nice, especially the chance to get the cool Dog Beard Bath Tub. Kiwi again? Why not let each Medallion pet have a chance to be the Floating Medallion? Getting tired of the Kiwi event every year. It seems a lot of the April events are just repeats of recent events. :-/ (heavy sigh!)

  5. wildchild07961 says:

    I agree all those things would be awesome moving doors fixing pets names changing a room type from one to another or even selling the ones you don’t want plus please please give us new prizes for the family score like you did for next plus new medallions would be great thanks for listening to us Ganz

  6. mrgower says:

    wow! 19 years! congrats!

  7. SugarP says:

    I’m sure lots of people have already asked this before but will we ever be able to delete rooms or change the size and type of rooms (from like ocean to treetop or treetop to indoors.) I think it would help people a lot (as well as being able to fix typos in our animals’ names.)

    • dawnshome says:

      I agree! as well as new prizes for Kinzville Academy, bake sales, new pet medallions. Some things just don’t get updated.

    • dprice28 says:

      I would so love to be able to fix ALL the mistakes I have made naming my pets. Please consider this Ganz! I also would like to be able to move doors. They make decorating so challenging. I am afraid Next is getting all the new and creative stuff now!

    • PEBBLES1973 says:

      SugarP i totally agree with you

    • alucard says:

      I wish for the removal of doors, rearranging the rooms (while in ‘moving mode’) without other rooms moving, renaming pets, being able to sell rooms we don’t need or want, having MORE KinzCash items instead of eStore points in the WShop, and get rid of the Family Score thing! I’m tired of getting interrupted by pets asking for things and being interrupted during game play. Besides, it takes way too long to win each prize. There are so many little things that could be improved in Classic Webkinz. Tired of Next getting all the new stuff that we Classic players always wanted.

      • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

        Since Webkinz is such an old platform, the system is delicate, therefore I am pretty sure that’s why they don’t ever change things like that. I only know because I once asked the same questions. :)

  8. 7debbie7 says:

    What An Awesome April! Can’t Wait…Thanks Ganz.

  9. littlenuts says:

    I’m looking forward to the tea party & DIY events! The challenges look fun, too! Thank you for ALL the fun!

  10. angelcakes311 says:

    Thank you’d so happy and excited to play everyday!

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