Farewell Exclusive Items!

These amazing Exclusive items are retiring on February 1st!

Get them before they’re gone!

How do you get Exclusive items?

  • Making a Wish of the Day or trading for them using Wish Tokens at the Wish Factory
  • Receiving them with a pet adoption
  • Winning them on the Super Wheel
  • Trading for them in the Trading Room in the Clubhouse.



Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for upcoming NEW Exclusives!

44 Responses to Farewell Exclusive Items!

  1. nemominx12345 says:

    Wow thats really sad. :(

  2. mitfy62 says:

    Sometimes I wish I had all of the retired stuff….

  3. froggee71 says:

    nooooo… i so want that pool….. im still gonna try for it…..

  4. dune girl says:

    I agree with person that said the plasma balls need to go. they’re boring..i like the new exclusives items but i miss some the old ones like the black cat clock. and the grandfather clock. yes it’s too bad they don’t offer a fireplace or some really cool windows. i’m not a fan of the purple one but it’s not nearly as bad and boring as plasma balls.

  5. HamsterLover says:

    I have all three! At least I did at one time… I have 2 of the pools, one elephant fountain, and I’m pretty sure I have one of the farm tracters! :grin:

  6. Charg3r says:

    THANK YOU for finally letting us know ahead of time which items are retiring. It’s greatly appreciated!!!!

  7. lovemedieval says:

    Oh, I agree with Laura! The Sandwich Table should be the next exclusive retired!!!

  8. lovemedieval says:

    I am sad to see the elephant fountain and blue tractor retire (not sad about the pool since the pets don’t even get any health benefit when they swim in it!) but thank you SO MUCH for telling us which ones will be retired. I do have tokens saved up and can get extra of my favorites before they are gone. I am very much looking forward to the new exclusives that will be coming out also.

  9. lovepuppygirl says:

    I hope I can get the pool.

  10. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for giving us notice!!
    you can get rid of that sandwich table next!!

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