365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues!


Find the floating icon right here on Webkinz Newz and click on it to claim your daily prize! The icon will look like the prize being awarded that day.


Check out this week’s prizes:



Don’t miss a day of the 365 Days of Give-A-Ways! What’s your favorite prize this week? Please leave your comments below…


67 Responses to 365 Days of Give-A-Ways Continues!

  1. mbangel19 says:

    I missed the red shirt on July 31st. Is that the Alvin shirt? Does anyone have an extra?

  2. kin2832 says:

    Love the Egypt poster, Friday August 7 prize, and Alex plush!!!:)

  3. pepoandabicus says:

    oh…and my username is pepoandabicus

  4. pepoandabicus says:

    I NEED THE TIGER FOR MY COLLECTION if anybody gets the plush tiger please send it too me…I will be happy to send something back to you!

  5. jiology says:

    Dear webkinz, I left this comment already but no one replied to me. July 25th floaty click(webkinz van) NEVER floated. I’m not the only one who experienced this, and this was not even showing up under “Events” tab, and I couldn’t even find the floaty clicky even though i refreshed the website FOREVER. please make this event available so we can all get it! thanks.

  6. fluff54 says:

    I’m still looking for todays prize…………..

  7. d3999 says:

    I never see the floaty for the prizes any more! I see the marshmallow, but not the one day specials! Anybody know why?!

  8. Lucillegould5 says:

    Can anyone send me the country bed? I need it for my horse Stallion, but I am not a delux member. I will send a rare item in return. My username is Lucillegould5

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