A Chilly New Webkinz Pet has Flown into eStore!

The majestic Ice Swan is a classy pet with perfect table manners. But this beautiful bird can also let loose and loves to play tag during recess! Members who adopt the Ice Swan will receive an Ice Palace Window to put in their pet’s room and a Frozen Fruit Cocktail for dessert!

138 Responses to A Chilly New Webkinz Pet has Flown into eStore!

  1. forest says:


  2. charlieflower says:

    i hope i win :)

  3. my wallet says:

    hey cool new pet i am begging my mom for this one i just love it. Sincerely, MWLLAB

  4. kittyfluff says:

    Hi I love the Ice swan it is so cool! I am going to a hockey game to night. I want the Pom Pom Cat it is so cute!

  5. natalia says:

    webkinzs rules

  6. gloriabud9 says:

    wow.it looks.so cute.i entered.i dont think i won!

  7. Anna says:

    I want to win the Ice swan Anna

  8. champlover says:

    who won the contest and where do we find out because i looked at contest winers and i didnt see it. I am new soooooo ya

  9. petlover42335 says:

    I hope I win!!!!!!!

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