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Dear Diary,

 I’m really concerned about a friend of mine – Dacey Bryn. Even though I don’t see her very often, I usually email her every other day and hear back from her right away. Well, I emailed her two weeks ago and I only heard back from her today! That’s longer than it’s ever taken before. And in her email, she was totally cold and distant – not friendly like she usually is. Here’s what I said in my email:


Dear Dacey,

I hope you’re having an amazing holiday! How is your latest movie going? I cannot wait to see it! My mom said that maybe we could arrange to meet up somewhere this summer, if your mom wants to. How much fun would that be, right? Maybe I could even come to stay at your house!

I’m having a great holiday and I can’t wait for the new year. 2012 is going rock, especially if we can see each other!

Let me know about your movie!




And here’s what her reply was:


Hey C,

Things are fine. Been busy with the movie. Not too much to report. Nothing exciting here, haha.

Not sure about meeting up – 2012 is really busy for me, so maybe not going to happen. We’ll see about 2013. I’ll try to call you tomorrow at 11:00 and maybe we can talk.




What’s that all about? That’s so…impersonal! Why would she refuse to see me until next year? I’m so confused. Dacey has never been like this before. I miss my old friend. I guess I’ll find out what’s up tomorrow.

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  1. starsea98 says:

    yes I know cawobell I feel the same thing when that happens to me with my friends but dont worry I think everything will be ok.

  2. kittypoo says:

    Aww…Dacey should’ve been nicer to Cowabelle! And the year just started, she doesn’t know what this whole year 2012 is going to hold..she could probably make room to visit her “BFF”….Maybe they are just growing apart from each other..Then again, maybe Dacey was just feeling stressed about something…Cowabelle should try to think positive..maybe her next letter will sound more friendly! I’m wondering if Dacey ever called Cowabelle?

    ~I love and care about all of my Webkinz, MAZIN’ Hamsters, and Zumbuddy so much and equally and I will forever no matter what! YAY WEBKINZ!!~ :mrgreen:

  3. Jinx57 says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know but Cowabelle’s email **almost** sounded like she wanted to hang with Dacey because she WAS famous. I don’t believe that for a minute, but Cowabelle does have starry footlights in her eyes. Could be Dacey feels like Kinz only like her because she’s famous. That would depress me and make me question if someone was a real friend or just a “fair-weather” friend.

  4. charlotte says:

    she might be in a bad mood and is taking it out on you don’t worry

  5. charlotte says:

    you should ask if she is mad at you if she calls you tomorrow at 11:00 she also may be having a bad day and might be taking it out on you.

  6. Shauni says:

    that’s kinda wierd. i bet she wasn’t in a good mood. maybe u should go and see her anyway?


  7. Olivia says:

    Maybe she’s really busy with her movie right now to have a free spot open so soon….since her movie is coming ot soon. Don’t get upset. I’m sure things will work out. But even if you guys don’t get to see each other, at least you two can still be friends and chat on your Email. :)

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