A message for PJ!


Wow! I got this Kinzpost today. Someone wants to give me flowers on Valentine’s Day. Do you think it’s the same one who sent these heart tiles floating around Webkinz? This is so romantic!



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  1. ebjockey says:

    I know who sent it! its the love heart frog!

  2. Sollace says:

    PJ is on my friends list. Maybe I should send her flowers )

  3. glunalou says:

    SOOOOOOO romantic!

  4. loveheartmommy22 says:

    why are they all the same tho

  5. monti27 says:

    I think it’s Sophie!!!!

  6. DebbieWebbie59 says:

    I wonder if Cinnamon is sending the letters to them since we will get a flower shop after collecting the chocolates from her.

  7. Twistersmom says:

    When it was Ms. Birdy I thought it was Dr. Quack but with everyone else getting the same thing, makes one wonder. It will be funny if Dr. Quack gets one too.

  8. sillygatito says:

    this doesnt seem romantic at all XD everyone is recieving the exact same message

  9. BeMyValentine says:

    This is my favourite time of year. Love is in the air!!

  10. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    I love the people that keep saying it’s Dr Quack then on Valentine’s Day, he’s going to be like “What letters, what are you talking about?” But I gotta say, I love that we’re seeing more of the other Webkinz hosts that haven’t had the spotlight in a long time. Most of the time its about the Kinzville kids and the more known ones like Sophie, Dr Quack, Ms Birdy and Ella. I’ve grown very fond of each Webkinz host throughout the years and I really hope we get to see more of them, like Amanda, Quizzy, Sheldon, Chef Gazpacho, etc.

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