A Message to Webkinz Collectors


Hello Webkinz fans!


As many of you may have noticed, we have not retired any Webkinz plush pets in some time. Yet many of our plush pets have become very hard to find in stores. This is because we have a large number of Webkinz pets that are completely sold out from Ganz. Yes, we’ve fallen behind on our retirements and have made a plan to get all caught up!


Starting on July 27th, we will be retiring a new pet every weekend! Owners of these pets will get extra activities with bonus chances to win virtual prizes. A different activity will be made available on Saturday and Sunday.


To get the process started, we have gone ahead and retired all pets that were Holiday, Chase or made especially for a retail partner (such as Justice or Cracker Barrel). These pets will not be part of the retirement events.


Our new styles of Webkinz plush are now more collectible than ever. If you want a specific pet, let your favorite Webkinz retailer know, as new styles won’t last long. You can also find new Webkinz for purchase online at ToysRUs.com, Amazon.com and other fine retailers.


To keep you better informed, we will be posting articles here on Webkinz Newz when pets sell out, so you don’t miss your chance.


For our Webkinz Signature series fans, we will be releasing our final Signature plush this December. We can’t say exactly which pet it is, but it will be a fan-favorite dog that we haven’t made yet in Signature form. We’d like to thank all of our Signature collectors for supporting this great line since 2009.


So thank you again for being such great fans. We have some amazing new pets coming in the second half of 2013 that we really hope you enjoy.


Have fun!


-          Your furry friends in Webkinz World.

298 Responses to A Message to Webkinz Collectors

  1. reeseisbored says:

    Where can I get Webkinz other than online

  2. Lillyiber says:

    I think you should make a bundle of styles of retired pets and sell them each year on a weekend once a year for a limited time. Eventually, someone who wants a retired pet can’t have it because of it being sold and others not making more for awhile.

  3. moonkinzofficial says:

    ah, the blog that should’nt have happened :c

  4. twinners1 says:

    Wow, this was a long time ago.

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