A NEW Plush Bunny with BONUS Gifts!



Look who just popped up at Ganz eStore!

The new White Bunny plush is available now! This gorgeous plush comes with TWO codes for virtual avatars, one in Webkinz Classic and one in Webkinz Next!



This sweet pet comes with bonus gifts!


In addition to the White Bunny’s pet specific item, the Country Garden Bed, and its pet specific food, Country Carrot Cake, you can get a bonus gift in both games, a cute Carrot Plushy!



To earn your plushy, adopt the White Bunny before March 31, 2024. On Webkinz Next, you will also need to open your White Bunny’s Giftbox by March 31. On Classic, your gift will appear in your Dock the following day.




In Webkinz Next you can get a second bonus gift!


Each pet in Webkinz Next comes with three Sparks that you can combine with your other pets’ Sparks to spark adorable Webkinz babies.
The first time you spark using the Next White Bunny between March 1 and 31, you’ll earn this adorable Carrot Stroller!


The new plush Webkinz White Bunny is the perfect way to grow your Webkinz family. You can find it at Ganz eStore, and on Amazon.com in the U.S.


24 Responses to A NEW Plush Bunny with BONUS Gifts!

  1. himawari678 says:

    Webkinz Next does NOT work on a Samsung phone, even the latest models. Will there be Webkinz Next pets that look just like the 2005-2009 era Webkinz pets in 3D form? I’d love to buy classic 2005-2009 Webkinz toys with codes and add them to my account, but they’re no longer sold, not even at the Walmart toy section.

  2. mrstankroberts says:

    what kind of bunny is this? In real life?

  3. mrstankroberts says:

    heyyyyyy this bunny is so stinking cute! <3

  4. aml321 says:

    So cute! I probably won’t get one but I look forward to seeing these around kinzville!

  5. marnabear1 says:

    I got a second white bunny and sparked it. Should I get another stroller for sparking with the second bunny

  6. Meowme19485 says:

    Just ordered the bunny but what happens if it does not come in time for the 31st

  7. leaveitnow41s says:

    Well I just adopted 2 on classic and didn’t get a carrot plush with either?

  8. Sunshineoflife says:

    I still keep getting logged out when I go into kinzpost. Can you please fix it!!!!

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