A New Season, Collecting Kinzville, Begins on February 18

Our next Season in Webkinz Next is Collecting Kinzville! Starting February 18, transform your home into a miniature Kinzville with iconic rewards such as a Collector Wish Token, T-Rex Statue, the Kinzville Cafe Uniform and more!

If you want to earn extra items, you can purchase a Season Pass at any time for as low as $6.99 USD.

Collecting Kinzville will feature one item that can be sent to your linked Classic account, the Kinzville Town Sign. This item is only awarded to Season Pass holders. Please note, it can be traded in Webkinz Classic but it cannot be traded in Webkinz Next.

All players who finish the Season will earn a Diamond Giftbox which, when opened, will reveal one random premium item. Players with a Season Pass who finish the Season will win the grand prize, a Grand Kinzville Fountain– A large outdoor fountain that, when clicked, sends colorful streams of water into the air!

Collecting Kinzville will also feature a number of Kinzville-themed graphic elements such as avatars and emojis. Don’t miss the first day of the Season—February 18, 2024.


Which prize are YOU most excited about?
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34 Responses to A New Season, Collecting Kinzville, Begins on February 18

  1. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Cool! But I’m a bit disappointed because the Amanda Panda jacket and pants with tank top can’t go on together at the same time but if that doesn’t let you do that then..why does the sundress let you put both on together? But besides that this is a great season thank you Ganz!

  2. fedorovgirl says:

    I’ll definitely be buying a Season’s Pass for this event! –woohoo!!

  3. hungrygoogle says:


  4. crystalfawns53 says:

    For the Amanda Panda outfit, will the jacket work like a scarf item so it can be placed over the dress or will the jacket be a shirt item?

  5. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Oh wow great season I absolutely LOVE that Amanda Panda outfit, She is my favorite character of all times in Webkinz thank you so much Ganz❤️❤️❤️

  6. booreeves says:

    So I need to know if the Season Passes expires?

    • sally says:

      A Season Pass unlocks the premium tier for the specific Season it’s purchased on. You have the duration of the Season to earn the prizes. Any earned prizes will be automatically added to your account the next time you log in if you forget to claim them before the end of the Season, as long as you log in within the next 35 days.

  7. booreeves says:

    I can’t wait for this season and I’m excited, but when I brought The Season Pass the first time it said All Season, but it doesn’t give you all Season after you unlock and does the Season Pass expires and that’s why I don’t get all Season and if you don’t get All Season Pass then it’s a Big waste of money If I don’t get all the Season

    • sally says:

      Each Season you can choose between the regular Pass and the Bundle. The only difference is that the Bundle awards you Season points to get you started earning prizes. These are only ever good for the Season you purchase it on. They do not transfer to other Seasons.

  8. mom052863 says:

    I was buying the passes every season but had to stop because my credit card was stolen TWICE and XBox items were purchased and they decided it was me and they refused to remove the charges. I am a 60yo grandma who plays this with her very young grandchildren(4yo). I don’t own an xbox nor have I purchased almost 100$ worth of items. This is a shame and a scam through the Microsoft store that cost me $$ and now disappoints my granddaughter. I would like to suggest being able to purchase the passes through a different avenue as the current one is unsafe and dishonest.

  9. raysgirl says:

    Is there any chance with the Diamond Box the last gift in the free pass, that if you already have 3 of those items, it would be able to say next choice and have a 2nd choice?

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