A Vampire Kitten Riddle for you!


There is a cute new pet coming to Webkinz Next this Halloween!



The adorable Vampire Kitten will be in the Adoption Center after our next release, but in the meantime, we wanted to welcome this tricksy pet with a fun riddle!


What is a Vampire Kitten’s favorite fruit?


We already know that this kitten’s favorite snack is definitely its Coffin Cake, and that it comes with a creepy Day Rest Chamber!



We also know that Vampire Kittens make adorable babies when you combine their Sparks with another pet’s Sparks!



But do you know the answer to this fun riddle? Give us your best guess in the comments below!  And when you’re ready to find out…


Click here for the answer!




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44 Responses to A Vampire Kitten Riddle for you!

  1. JadeSweetSummer3 says:


  2. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Hey lucky

  3. ncis09 says:

    P.S. LOVE the Next Vampire Kitten’s Pet Specific Item. My kitten has been in and out of the sleeping coffin more times than needed for a normal sleep cycle.

  4. ncis09 says:

    Are the wings on the Next Vampire Kitten just decorative? The Vampire Kitten in Classic {and the Vampire Panther Cub) actually fly. I was disappointed to see all the kittens in Next, RUNNING. Was this intentional? Fellow players, what are your thoughts? Want the Vampire Kittens to FLY?

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