The Acorn Collection Is Here!


The NEW Collection Event we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!


Log into Webkinz World today to begin collecting Acorns and you could win big! Here are all the ways that you can find Acorns:

  • Click on the Collection Event icon in your room
  • Ask up to 10 friends a day (and receive up to 5 Acorns a day)
  • Visit Webkinz Newz and click on the Acorn Collection banner
  • Purchase Acorns at the eStore


Here are the oh-so-awesome prizes that you could pick up…

Fallen Leaves Headband

Green Oak Leaf Chair

Blue Fall Season Window

And the grand prize…


A customizable Ancient Oak Sapling! Drag and drop it into your room to discover the 27 possible ways it can look!





Happy hunting!



30 Responses to The Acorn Collection Is Here!

  1. colorsplashtiger98 says:

    I really want all the prizes!!!!

  2. abigailtaryn says:

    can you send me some acorns? I’ll send some back! add me: abbliania

  3. trexjt2013 says:

    A simple way to get the floating acorn is to visit different areas in the site. Their always jumping to random places. If you wait for one it could take forever!!!! Lots of Luck on that sapling!!!

  4. barb2011 says:

    why does it say the campaign is expired and not give me my acorn?? Barb2011

  5. victini0709 says:

    i got the fallen leaves headband and green oak leaves chair and the blue fall season window only 10 more to go:)

  6. kookie81 says:

    Why is Webkinz now limiting the amount to a collection that you can receive daily?

  7. ImaPepper says:

    I have some awesome friends! Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful with challenges for Ilse2010–you guys make these events fun! Need more friends, you can add me. I’m usually on every day. Good luck, everyone! :-)

  8. peaches39555 says:

    2 a day…. add too more for 1 day….. im gonna be so happy when i get it :)

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