Adopt a Rare River Otter with Two Extra Sparks

Available until May 5


Dare to be rare! Until May 5th, adopt a rare first-generation River Otter from the Adoption Center. Each rare River Otter comes with 2 extra Sparks. That’s 5 sparks total—5 chances to Spark adorable River Otter traits.​

The River Otter is the first pet to be offered with higher rarity. Rare adult pets have a higher chance of sparking rare babies. Plus, the Rare River Otter comes with two extra sparks which means five opportunities to spark with its increased rarity.
The Rare River Otter is only available until midnight (EST) on May 5th, 2024
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11 Responses to Adopt a Rare River Otter with Two Extra Sparks

  1. slk says:

    Why am I having so many log in issues? I have to log into one family account, log out and try another account until I can finally log in with my account. It either comes up timed out or code invalid. Please fix. Anyway, is there any possible way to add how many sparks our pets have/have left on the PET PAGE? It’s so time consuming to go through all my pets in the adoption center to find out how many sparks they have. Thanks.

  2. buski11 says:

    I bought the 250 points one and didnt get 5 sparks, only 2

  3. dibblerton says:

    Far too expensive

    • thebluestar2126 says:

      I agree. I’d have been more likely to use diamonds on this if it actually offered a ‘discount’ but at this price its still x50 diamonds per spark so as I see it I’d be better saving an extra 50 diamonds to guarantee otter babies by getting two otters. Even at x200 diamonds (40 per spark) would be better than this. That slight discount on sparks would make it a more appealing purchase than just getting a same-looking otter (which cannot guarantee getting an otter baby) for almost the price of two otters (which could guarantee one).

      • KelliAnn11 says:

        It took me a minute to fully grasp what you were saying, but I get it now! You are totally right! The only way to ensure you get an otter baby is to spark two otters (although you could still get a redemption pet).

      • Sonari says:

        Excellent comparisons! I feel pretty much exactly the same way. However, looking at it from another perspective, I might also try to factor in the rarity of the pet, if that matters to the person buying it. I personally don’t much care about rarity as, so far, it hasn’t yielded anything amazing. I still can’t customize and even when using two of the top rare level pets, the babies can still be wildly disappointing. If rarity offered choices, for example you got to choose between several different traits when the baby was sparked, now that would be worth it, to me, but as is, it’s only okay. That said, it does play a part in getting different traits and as this otter is automatically rare, that does seem to potentially have value to some players. I think, like you, I don’t find it worth it, but if rarity ever meant something that I found more valuable, I think that this might actually be well worth the price.

  4. nanamama12 says:

    Now, is the otter going to be a limited release, or just the 5 Spark one?

  5. dinoman1203 says:

    I wonder if I should get a second one…..

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