Adopt October’s Pet of the Month


The Patchwork Cat is our Pet of the Month for October 2019!


The Patchwork Cat is one colorful kitty that is sure to become a fast friend! This fine feline likes to sleep the day away atop their Patchwork Pillow Bed! When they awake, nip that hunger in the bud with a refreshing Cat Grass Smoothie!


Adopt the Patchwork Cat in October, and you’ll get a loot bag full of surprises and a Pet of the Month prize you can’t get anywhere else!



And don’t forget—you can get the virtual version of the Patchwork Cat at the Ganz eStore!



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You may find this and much more at eStore!

7 Responses to Adopt October’s Pet of the Month

  1. xxmgn says:

    If we already have the Patchwork Cat adopted from before October to we still get the loot bag and POTM box?? Thanks

    • whitekitten24 says:

      No I don’t think so. I got my German shepherd in it’s month and got the prizes, but I previously had adopted a corgi not in its month and I did not get those prizes. :c

  2. PorchPals says:

    I am going to purchase this one, I don’t have her yet! I am wondering if Webkinz would consider bringing back some of the older pets- like the Border Collie? That would be fun to have some of the older ones back :) :) :) Any chance Ganz would consider working on that, Sally? Thanks for thinking about it, Your friend, Front Porch Pals

  3. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Ah man, it seems like all the recent POTMs are either ones I don’t have/are too expensive for me to get, or ‘kinz I adopted years ago ,XD (I got this pet back in 2017–her name is “Brightheart”) Oh well. I’m glad I at least get to do the activities for this, though!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Yes, that’s the spirit TaffyKitty12! You get to enjoy a whole month of bonus activities just for you! I really want the pet for next month because the springer reminds me of my Aunt’s dog, Annie. I am not a cat person, irl or in WW, although this Patchwork Cat is a cutie. The only cat webbies I own are large cats – lions, saber, tiger. I have one cat, the Himalayan, because I felt that I just had to have a cat to represent Hermione. ;)

    • nanamama12 says:

      Oh, what a beautiful name! I like it!

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